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Photography for Beginners – online courses

Learn how to use your camera and the basics of photography.
Improve your photographs for work or hobby.

These are live online courses using Zoom. Learn from a professional photographer and experienced online tutor. Class size: max 12


Each session we will cover both technical and creative aspects of photography. From session 2, there will be feedback on your images taken between sessions and practical ways to improve.

Session 1: ISO, exposure and colour basics, image size, and file types (JPEG or RAW).
How to upload to and share images on Google Classroom, and how to get the best results from this online course.
Session 2: Apertures (f stops), focus, and depth of field.
The basics of taking a good portrait.
Session 3: Shutter speed settings and movement.
Taking photographs at night or in low light. Street photography.
Session 4: Photo composition, Colour settings, and Picture styles.
Fill-in flash and using ambient light. Photographing objects and food.
Session 5: Using your camera in fully manual mode. Using different lenses or the zoom on your camera. Nature and urban environment.
Session 6: Revision of key topics. Group session looking at a selection of images taken on the course with individual feedback. Advice on what to do next.

For this course you will need your own camera with manual settings
(i.e. where your can change the aperture and shutter speeds), as well as a computer or tablet with a webcam, microphone and reliable internet connection.

Wednesdays, 5 May  –  8 June 
6 sessions, 18.30–20.30 GMT

Wednesdays, 22 Sept –  27 Oct 
6 sessions, 18.30–20.30 GMT




"The tutor was exceptionally knowledgeable and extremely helpful throughout the course. I felt that I had learned much more than I initially expected." FP

"Very knowledgeable teacher and good delivery" TH

"Excellent teaching and group" JJ

"Excellent course, very knowledgeable lecturer. We were lucky to be in such a small group as the level of feedback and time spent with each student was great." AL

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